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WS 13/14: Oberseminar Media Mining

From Multimedia Computing Lab - University of Augsburg


Instructors: Prof. Dr. Rainer Lienhart
Time Lecture: Tuesday, 11:00 - 12:30, Room 1021N.
Credits: 0 LP
Language: German


This is a research seminar. It is open to everyone. The latest and coolest research papers are introduced by the various speakers and (hopefully controversially) discussed.


Date Lecturer Topic
13.08. Dan Zecha A Joint Model for 2d and 3d Pose Estimation from a Single Image
Christoph Lassner Tracking Human Pose by Tracking Symmetric Parts
20.08. Stefan Romberg Visual Place Recognition with Repetitive Structures
Christian Ries What Makes a Patch Distinct?
27.08. Rainer Lienhart Articulated Pose Estimation with flexible mixtures-of-parts
Articulated Human Detection with flexible mixtures-of-parts
03.09. Christian Eggert All about VLAD
Fabian Richter Part Discovery from Partial Correspondence
10.09. Stefan Romberg Lp-Norm IDF for Large Scale Image Search
Christoph Lassner Beyond Physical Connections: Tree Models in Human Pose Estimation
17.09. Dan Zecha Multi-view Pictorial Structures for 3D Human Pose Estimation
Christoph Lassner Poselet Conditioned Pictorial Structures
24.09. Christian Ries Discriminative Segment Annotation in Weakly Labeled Video
Fabian Richter Teaching 3D Geometry to Deformable Part Models
01.10. Stefan Romberg Query Adaptive Similarity for Large Scale Object Retrieval
Christian Eggert Detecting and aligning Faces by Image Retrieval
08.10. Christian Eggert Sparse-coded Features for Image Retrieval
29.10. Fabian Richter Occlusion Patterns for Object Class Detection
05.11. Stefan Romberg Local Intensity Order Pattern for Feature Description
19.11. Christoph Lassner HOGgles: Visualizing Object Detection Features
Stefan Romberg SIFTpack: a compact representation for efficient SIFT matching
26.11. Christian Ries Decomposing Bag of Words Histograms
Christian Eggert Quantize and Conquer: A dimensionality-recursive solution to clustering,
vector quantization, and image retrieval
03.12. Fabian Richter Shufflets: shared mid-level parts for fast object detection
Dan Zecha Articulated Pose Estimation using Discriminative Armlet Classifiers
10.12. Christian Ries Position Estimation on a Given Map from 2D Video Frames
Christoph Lassner Methods and Applications for Distance Based ANN Training
17.12. Stefan Romberg To aggregate or not to aggregate: Selective match kernels for image search
Christian Eggert Random grids: Fast ANN search
07.01. Dan Zecha Strong Appearance and Expressive Models for Human Pose Estimation
Fabian Richter Text Orientation Assignment and Text Localization
14.01. Christian Ries Regionlets for Generic Object Detection
Rainer Lienhart Scale Based Region Growing For Scene Text Detection