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WS 11/12: Seminar: Multimediale Datenverarbeitung

From Multimedia Computing Lab - University of Augsburg

Registration is closed.


Title: Seminar: Multimediale Datenverarbeitung
Instructors: Prof. Dr. Rainer Lienhart, Fabian Richter
Time and Place: Monday, 15:45 - 17:15, Room: 1021N
First Meeting: Monday, 24th October 2011
Credits: 2 SWS, 4 LP
Language: German
Possible follow-ups: Diploma thesis, Master thesis

Important Notes

  • The course is limited to 10 participants
  • Even if the registration is full, please sign up for the waiting list and attend the first meeting!
  • The course will be held in German, despite the mostly English literature you can write your report either in German or English, whatever you prefer most

What you have to do

  • Presentation in class: 25-30 min talk, additional 5-10 min questions and discussion
  • Written report on the topic presented (can be done in Word, LaTeX, OpenOffice, etc...)
  • Participation in class


Description File
Example LaTeX template ZIP


Date Lecturer Topic Material
24.10.2011 Fabian Richter Einführung PDF
05.12.2011 Jennifer Seitz Farbräume
05.12.2011 Svetlana Sanaki Retinex
12.12.2011 Patricia Kaufmann Kantendetektion
12.12.2011 Sahli Brahim Inpainting
19.12.2011 Jessica Seitz Objekterkennung und Segmentierung
09.01.2012 Stefan Schellmoser Vektorgraphiken und Vektorisierung
09.01.2012 Markus Steger Lokale Bildmerkmale