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WS 09/10: Seminar: Bildverarbeitung

From Multimedia Computing Lab - University of Augsburg



Title: Seminar: Bildverarbeitung
Bildsuche in großen Bilddatenbanken
Instructors: Prof. Dr. Rainer Lienhart, Stefan Romberg
Time and Place: Thursday, 15:45 - 17:15, Room: 1020N
First Meeting: Thursday, 29. October 2009
Credits: 2 SWS, 4 LP
Multimedia Teilbereiche: Multimediale Informationsverarbeitung, Multimedia Methoden,
Multimedia Anwendungen, Systemnahe Grundlagen von Multimedia
Grading policy: Presentation in class: 25-30 min talk, additional 5-10 min questions and discussion
Written report (LaTeX) on the topic presented
Preparation: every student must read the papers discussed in class in advance
Participation in class
Discussion with advisor: yes, you're allowed to ask questions. ;-)
Language: German
Possible follow-ups: Diploma thesis, Master thesis, Bachelor thesis

This seminar covers a variety of topics in image search on large-scale image databases relevant to current research. The goal is to learn both about these interesting topics as well as about how to give a scientific talk and to write a report.


The inital meeting where the topics for your term paper are assigned is on Thursday, 29. October 2009. There is no extra registration required. However, I would appreciate it if you register in LectureReg or drop me an email if you want to participate.


Veranstaltung wird auf Deutsch gehalten (trotz der englischsprachigen Folien und Literatur)
Abgabe der Seminararbeit in Deutsch oder Englisch möglich.


Description File
Example LaTeX template ZIP


Date Lecturer Topic MUST read *before* lecture
28.10. Stefan Romberg Organisatorisches PDF
26.11. Fabian Richter

Christian Ries
Vorstellung der Diplomarbeit „Tag Relevance for Image Retrieval“

Vorstellung der Diplomarbeit „Automatic Pose Initialization of Swimmers in Videos“
Tag Ranking

Automatic Pose Initialization of Swimmers in Videos
03.12. Thanh Son Do
"Generating Diverse and Representative Image Search Results for Landmarks"
Generating diverse and representative image search results for landmarks
10.12. Christoph Koch

Georg Döhring
"Photo Sketch: Internet Image Montage"

"Shape Discovery from Unlabeled Image Collections"
PhotoSketch - Internet Image Montage

Shape Discovery from Unlabeled Image Collections