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SS 14: Seminar Multimedia und Maschinelles Sehen (Master)

From Multimedia Computing Lab - University of Augsburg

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Phase space diagram of gyroscopic sensor data
Depth and bodypart map as detected by a Kinect sensor (Image taken from TechTalks)


Course Title: Seminar: Multimedia und Maschinelles Sehen (Master)
Advisors: Prof. Dr. Rainer Lienhart, Christian Eggert, Dan Zecha
Kick-off event: Thursday, 24. Apr. 2014 15:45 - 16:45, Room 1021 N
Presentations: Thursday, 03. Jul. 2014 10:00 - 14:00, Room 1021 N
Papers due: Thursday, 31. Jul. 2014 23:59
Credits: 2 SWS, 4 LP
Examination: Term paper (approx. 10 pages) and presentation (25 minutes + 5-10 minutes discussion).
Language: German, English
Max. participants 10


Sensors have become a part of many mobile platforms such as cell phones, laptops or wearable computers. In this seminar we will explore the emerging field of mobile sensors. We will get to know different types of sensors, algorithms and models used for processing their signals. We will also have topics covering some concrete applications.

For students seeking hands-on experience, we can provide access to several mobile sensors.

Topic Assignments

Name Topic Priority Advisor
Cetinkaya, Ilhan 3D-Reconstruction 1 Christian Eggert
Pakol, Yavuz Light field camera 2 Dan Zecha
Reich, Maximilian Magnetic field sensors and GPS 2 Dan Zecha
Schellmoser, Stefan Motion capturing 1 Christian Eggert
Slosharek, Hannes Distance sensors 1 Dan Zecha
Wagner, Felix Augmented Reality 1 Christian Eggert

Examination details

  • Presentation: approx. 25 minutes with 5-10 minutes of discussion
  • Term paper: approx: 10 pages
  • Grading: 60% Paper, 40% Presentation
  • Not required (but highly appreciated where applicable): Small demos