Multimedia Computing and Computer Vision Lab



You can get the project source from the github page. Follow the instructions for compilation and installation on the Documentation -> Compiling page.


We currently provide binaries only for Windows:

Version 1.02

The binary is built with VS2013 x64, Boost 1.58, Eigen 3.2.1, OpenCV 2.4.11 and Python 2.7.9 (the MATLAB interface is not part of the build). If you just want to run the Python version, you only have to make sure the Visual Studio 2013 x64 C++ redistributables are installed.

To install the library into your local Python package repository, navigate to the folder bindings/python and run python install.

Using the library


This section quickly sums up how to link against the library:

For execution on Windows, you must copy the contents of the bin folder to the location of your executable or put it on the %PATH%. For UNIX systems, it should be sufficient to have the library installed.


To use the Python module, it can be installed with the classic python install command in the bindings/python folder. The module is portable and can be copied to any other location.


Since the MATLAB interface is not provided as part of the binary build, you'll have to build it first!

Simply add the bindings/matlab/fertilized folder to your matlab path (it contains the file Soil.m). Again, this folder is portable and can be copied to any location.